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Elementor Template

There is a lot you can do with Elementor templates. Create, build and save your own Elementor template library to use anywhere. From the below steps, you will see how to work with Elementor templates.

Step O1: In the Elementor Sidebar, in Widgets section you can see all Elements. Simply drag and drop it to the highlighted area.

Step O2: After adding whatever element you want in that content area you can simply fill the fields in the Content Tab. After completing the editing right click on the row setting shown in the screenshot and save that element as a template.

Step O3: after clicking Save as Template, the following popup will appear. Here you can enter the name whatever you need to name your template.

Step O4: After saving the template your template will list on Elementor Template Library. Now you can use this template anywhere on the site.

Step O5: After completed all above steps, now in any Event Addon elements inside the Content Tab if you see the Templates option you can choose your saved templates as shown in screenshot.

You can see more information about the elementor templates Here

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