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Work With Sales Page Addon

After Successfully activating any one of the Sales Page Addon plugin you can see a plugin option in the left side of the section. In this you have options like Welcome, Enable & Disable, Templates, Contact Us, Upgrade.
The first section is Welcome in this you can see simple intro with useful links. In Enable & Disable option you can enable and disable the widgets based on your need. Next one is a Templates section in this you’ve the list of pre-build sales page template list. Contact Us section having the form for contacting us if you need any assistance from us. The last one is Upgrade section is for upgrading the free plan to PRO to use all the PRO features & templates placed in the Templates Section.

How To Use Templates:

In the Sales Page Addon plugin free version you’ve two free pre-built templates E-Book & Webinar in Sales Page Addon > Templates. Please import and use any one of the template in your website like in the following steps.
Step 01: Initially we’ll see how to install and use the E-Book Template in the website. E-Book template having two buttons like Demo and Import. By clicking the Demo button it will direct you to see the E-Book demo before installing it on your website. Import button is for importing the template in your website.
Step 02: Click the Import button to import the E-Book template on your website. After the successful import you can see Done button in the place of Import button. The imported E-Book template initially placed in Elementor’s Templates section. Templates > Saved Templates like in the following screenshot.
Step 03: Use this template in the page is simple step.
  • Create a page in Pages > Add New. (For example page name as Home Page) and Publish the page.
  • After publish the page please edit the page with Edit With Elementor option.
  • Now you can see page with two options like plus (+) symbol and Template (folder) icons like in the following screenshot.
  • Please click the Templates(folder) option (marked in the screenshot)
Step 04: By clicking that template options you’ll see a pop up with Blocks, Pages, My Templates tab options please go to My Templates and you’ll see E-Book template please click Insert button.
Now the E-Book demo will be shown exactly like our live demo on your website like in the following screenshot. Now you can change the content and image based on your business need.

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