YaY! 🥳 Our First Plugin on WordPress ORG

YaY! 🥳 Our First Plugin on WordPress ORG
Plugins WordPress February 5, 2020

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  • We’re Happy
  • The Intension
  • Supported Plugins
  • Nothing is perfect – We continuously improving
  • So, What’s Next?
  • Useful Links – Download Demo Content – Video
  • Conclusion

We thrilled to announce that we have launched our first plugin on WordPress.org “Events Addon for Elementor.” As it sounds, Yes, it is an Elementor Addon and developed mainly for creating Event Websites in Mind.

Plan to Create a FREE Event Website using Elementor? Then, the “Events Addon for Elementor” is the right choice, and It’s FREE!!!

We’re Happy:-

Yes, you read it right. We’re Happy! 🙂 We are declaring ourselves to launch a plugin on WordPress.org is a great achievement, and we know it’s our first baby steps progress. But, we still have a long way to go.

Let’s Celebrate!!! 🎊

The Intension:-

There we got two questions in our mind before jumping into the development process.

1. What leads us to create an addon? 


2. Why it exclusively work for the Event website?

To answer the first question, It all starts with the one particular client project that we did in the last year(2019). He wanted us to use one of the premium themes with the Elementor page builder. Within a few months, the client wishes to change the theme design due to some reason.

But it doesn’t go well. As soon as we change the new theme design, all the existing pages and elements start broken. And also, new design conflicts with existing design functional elements. So, we forcibly created a new custom made a plugin for him. It’ll work with any theme that supports the Elementor page builder.

After hundreds of hours of hard work, finally, all the issues are sorted out. And our custom made plugin works well with any well-developed themes, which makes a client happy! 😊

And for the second question, On a different project with another client – this time we gained some other type of experience. He purchased a premium theme for us to do the Event website, and recommended us to use the free page builder plugin(Elementor). The theme design is good, but the client still can’t find the specific elements for his needs.

So, again we created a custom made plugin for him to cover everything he requires. It went through multiple comebacks and multiple payment processes. I know this makes pain for both.

It leads us to develop particular niche required website elements All-In-One custom made plugin. And it should be enough for creating a perfect Event website.

Our Intention Creates Our Reality – Wayne Dyer 

Wayne Dyer is well-said, About the path between Intention and Reality. But in our experience, we feel “Reality leads us to set a clear Intension.”

What’s so exciting about this Addon?

You can create an Event website entirely free with this Addon.

Hello Elementor(Theme) + Elementor(Plugin) + Event Addons for Elementor(Plugin) + Any supported plugins = 100% Free Website Done.

Supported Plugins:-

The following plugins make the Addon’s powerful. We took the advantages of those plugins and styled into our addons design standards.

  1. The Events Calendar
  2. All-in-One Event Calendar
  3. Events Manager
  4. Event Organiser
  5. Event Espresso 4 Decaf – Event Registration Event Ticketing

We’ll include more plugins in our future updates!

Nothing is perfect – We continuously improving:-

There are no limits on perfection, and it means continuous improvement is an essential key thing in every human evolution process. So, we’re still not perfect, and we are working hard on to deliver an actual product. I like the following quote said by Kim Collins.

Strive for Continuous Improvement, Instead of Perfection – Kim Collins

So, What’s Next?

Our goal is to maintain the new widgets list, design improvements, and add more supported plugins. We planned to get feedback from our users and apply their recommendations to this Addon.

Useful Links:-

Plugin URL:- https://wordpress.org/plugins/events-addon-for-elementor/

Support:- https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/events-addon-for-elementor/

Download XML:- https://nicheaddons.com/plugins/event-addon/

How to Import? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPFxbk-4Hn8


I hope you find this blog useful. Everything seems strait-forward, and we hope the best in every aspect of creating a perfect product. Let us know further if you have any questions on our website contact page form. Stay Happy! 😊

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