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Child Theme

If you want to make changes to the theme’s files and functions, we recommend installing a Nichebase Pro Child theme on your site. You’ll get child theme in your theme download package itself.

Don’t edit any files from parent theme! Use only a Child Theme files for your customizations!

If you get future updates from our theme, you’ll lose edited customization from your parent theme.

How To Install :

A child theme is installed the same way you install a parent theme. Locate the nichebase-child.zip file in the theme package and upload it via the WordPress admin panel.
Note : After install activate the nichebase-child theme please don’t delete the nichebase parent theme in your website. child theme fully works based on the parent theme.

Child Theme Files :

Nichebase child theme consist style.css, functions.php and screenshot.png files in it.

If you need to edit any files from parent theme, copy and paste the files from the parent theme into the child theme in a same folder path and edited directly in the child theme folder.

For a simple CSS tweaks you can use the style.css file in the child theme.

For a simple function change you can copy the required function from that file, and register it in the child theme’s functions.php.

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