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Server Requirement

The following things are required for install and activating the NicheBase theme in your server.

Basic WordPress Requirements

To run WordPress we recommend your host supports following requirements so please visit WordPress Requirments.
NicheBase server requirements are simple, if your server supports the Basic WordPress requirements then it will also support our theme server requirements. We simply need:
  • WordPress Version: 4.7 or higher
  • PHP Version: 5.4 or higher

Server PHP Configuration Limits

To install and activate the NicheBase theme your server PHP memory limit should reach the following Requirements. We simply need:
  • max_execution_time 1200
  • memory_limit 256M
  • upload_max_filesize 64M
Note: If you use a hosting service with limited PHP configurations, you may experience issues with the demo data installation.
Note: If you are not sure whether or not your server supports this please install any one of the following plugins to check your server configuration WP Server Info, WP Server Status. By using this plugin your server does not support the requirement please contact your hosting provider.

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