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Theme & Plugin Update

All the WordPress themes and plugins comes with a built-in update system. It automatically checks for updates and shows you the notifications when there are updates available for your WordPress plugins, themes.

You can manually check for updates by going to Dashboard > Updates.

You should always keep your WordPress themes and  plugins up to date to ensure that new changes by the developers  are applied on your site immediately. Update improves the security and performance of your website.

Update Theme :

While using NicheBase Pro theme, if any updates available you’ll see a notification on the Appearance > Themes page. Also in a Dashboard > Updates page also.

Updates are really important for the security and performance of your WordPress website.

If you see any update notice please go to Appearance > Themes. You will see the New version available text with Update Now link. You can simply click on the update button to install the new version. WordPress will then download the theme package, unzip it, and replace the old files with the newer version.

This update will overwrite all old NicheBase Pro theme files installed on your website. If you manually added custom code to the theme files, then you’ll lose those changes. To avoid this add your custom codes in child theme.

Update Plugin :

If there is any update available for plugins, you will see the notification on the plugins menu in the WordPress dashboard. You can install these new updates by visiting the Plugins page. You will see a notification below each plugin that has updates available for you to install.

You can just click on the Update Now link to install each update.

Update NicheBase Core Plugin :

Updating the NicheBase Core plugin is slightly different from updating other plugins. NicheBase core plugin doesn’t show any notification to update. 

For updating NicheBase Core plugin follow the below simple steps :

  1. Initially go to Installed Plugins > Deactivate NicheBase Core and Delete it.
  2. After delete that plugin go to Appearance > Install Plugins
    here you can see the NicheBase Core plugin click Install and Activate after that.

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