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Apps Button

Apps Button widget in Niche Addon plugin is to add App Link button. You can use this layout of the button widget based on your needs. From the below steps, you will see how to work with Apps Button Widget.

Step O1 :
In the basic Niche Addon Widget you can see Apps Button Widgets in the Elementor Sidebar Widget. Simply drag and drop it to the highlighted area.

Step O2 : After adding Apps Button widget in that content area you can simply fill the fields in the Content Tab.
The content tab consists of the content area for the shortcode.
  • Apps Button Options : You can add Button Icon, Button Text, Button Title, Icon Link, Content Alignment in this section.
Step O3 : In this step you’ll see what are the options available in Style Tab.
The style tab consists of options for changing the style of the shortcode.
  • Button: In this you can control the Margin, Padding, Background Color, Border Radius, Typography, Title Typography, Icon Size, icon Lineheight, Color Icon Color, Bckground Color, Border for the Normal and Hover state.
Step O4 : In this step you’ll see what are the options available in this widget Advanced Tab.
The Advanced Tab consists of options for adding the advanced options for the shortcode.
  • Advanced : It consist options like Margin, Padding, Z-index, CSS ID, CSS Classes for that whole section.
  • Motion Effects : it having the animation options for about me section.
  • Background : This option having Background Type and Hover Background Type option with Hover Transition Duration in it.
  • Border : In this option you’ve options for Border, Box Shadow, Hover Border , Hover Box Shadow with Transition Duration
  • Positioning : Her you control the Width of the section and change the Position of the section
  • Responsive : IN this option you can hide that section in Desktop, Tablet, Mobile based on your need.
  • Attributes : It will help you to add custom Html Attributes but it will available once you installed the Elementor Pro version.
  • Custom CSS : You can add your Custom CSS in this field. It will also available once you installed the Elementor Pro version.

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